Golf Course Report

Dave White, President

Last month we talked about the trail pass (cart sticker). This month we can talk about course care. Course care starts on the first tee. Make sure your sand/seed bottles have sand/seed in them. All carts have sand/seed bottles, and if you are walking, you should have a slim bottle for sand/seed. There are sand/seed stations on holes 1, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, and 17. All divots on the teeing grounds and fairways need to be filled with the sand/seed mix. Do not put the sand/seed mix in the rough, since this is a different type of grass.

Any broken tees that are on the teeing ground need to be picked up and put in the green tee caddies that are used for tee markers. We sometimes mow the teeing grounds when it is dark, and the person mowing cannot see the broken tees. They damage the blades.

When your ball lands on the green, it makes an indention (ball mark). These need to be fixed. Use a tee or tool to fix. A ball mark that is not properly fixed can take two weeks to heal.

Please put your garbage in the garbage containers. Also, if you smoke, put your cigarette butts in the garbage. I don’t think you would leave your trash in your yards.

Thank you for taking care of your golf course.