Golf Course Lifeline


Wes Akerman

Our town hall meetings have put the spotlight on the lifeline the golf course needs in order to repair and maintain its infrastructure. Currently, income is allocated for operating expenses, leaving the capital expenditures under budgeted year after year.

The annual CRAB Golf Tournament and Auction (T & A), held every November, is one lifeline that can bring the community together to assist with funding for the maintenance of our jewel of a golf course.

Last year, the funds raised were used to replace the tin roof on the storage sheds where our supplies and equipment are stored, keeping them out of the rain and the sun.

In the twelve years that the T & A has been in existence, nearly $160,000 has been raised for the purchase of equipment and the upgrading of our course. No dollars from this event can be used for general revenue, and funds for necessary capital expenditures depend on fundraising and donations.

The 2019 T & A netted more than $14,000, which will be used to upgrade sand traps on the back nine holes over the summer. This not only improves playing conditions but also enhances the beauty for those fortunate to live on the course. More than one quarter of all SunBird homes enjoy a well maintained golf course as their backyard.

You have all heard and read that the golf course is in serious financial trouble. Many of the 180 members who currently are saddled with keeping the operation viable feel this may no longer be sustainable. It is essential that additional funding sources be secured, including homeowner support of the T & A so the community can continue to be the SunBird GOLF RESORT.

SunBird without a golf course?  I hope not.