Golf Club Offers a Free Course Tour

Duane Dub, Vice President, SBGC

Have you ever wondered how many gallons of water are used each day to irrigate all the grass on the SunBird golf course? Or where the water comes from to fill the ponds? Or how many palm trees are on the golf course? Here is your chance to get answers to these and many other questions you have not even thought to ask!

On Friday, Dec. 11, the SunBird Golf Club will provide a free tour for new homeowners, existing owners, and people who just want to better understand what goes into maintaining this lush, green area that complements our community. As a resident-owned golf course, our members are proud of the beauty and enjoyment we provide, as well as the many other contributions afforded to our community.

The tour will last about 1.5 hours and will cover the history of the course, how it has evolved, what is necessary to maintain it, the flora and trees that give it character, the story behind the tree stump carvings throughout the course, a behind-the-scenes look at the pumping station and the maintenance area, and the various memorials that members have established.

Participation is limited, and owners are encouraged to drive their own carts. A limited number of rental carts will be available at no charge. We will gather at the driving range, and the tour begins at 3 p.m. If you would like to join us, please call or drop into the Pro Shop and register.