Going Green news

Have you noticed the blue bin in our Post Office parking lot?

Do you have clothes too worn or too out of style to donate to a charity? How about old towels, sheets, blankets or pairs of shoes?

SunBird is entered into a partnership with Phoenix Fibers to recycle these items.

Each month, Phoenix Fibers, located in Chandler, converts over 300 tons of denim and other cotton fabric into “shoddy fiber” which is then manufactured into many different products. These products include UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation used in homes and businesses, appliance insulation, automotive insulation and more.

Phoenix Fibers partners with local organizations, raising thousands of dollars through their clothing recycling drives and bin collection program.

Phoenix Fibers empties the blue bin as needed and pays SunBird $.10 a pound. The bin is locked to help keep the surrounding area clean. This bin is identified as “Benefitting SunBird Golf Resort.”

We hope you will “recycle your unusable textiles.” Recycling these items not only helps the environment by reducing the amount of “old stuff” going into the landfills, it can help us raise money for SunBird.