General Information Meeting Regarding Drainage Nov. 30

Water from our SunBird streets, property, and passageways funnels into retention basins, which includes the golf course, has been increasing, causing more excessive standing water following storms. This leads to mosquitoes, damage to the landscape, foul odors, and can be unsightly.

We reached out for external help from a local stormwater firm, Copper State Engineering, Inc., the City of Chandler, a Stormwater Management Company, and our attorney for review and clarification on who is responsible for the maintenance of SunBird’s community drainage system. It has been determined that the HOA is responsible for the dry wells and retention basins.

A Community Informational Meeting has been scheduled for 7 p.m. on Nov. 30 in the SunBird ballroom. This meeting will be a presentation by the above-mentioned entities to provide awareness, facts, and knowledge of their study results, but not a meeting open for discussion.

We invite and encourage all residents to attend this meeting.