Garden Club summer update

Julie Anderson

Summer is here, and the temperatures are rising! This is typically the time of year when we all kick back and relax, but the SunBird Garden Club continues to focus on projects within our community.

First up, is the new garden being installed along Championship Drive. Our Garden Club has teamed with the SunBird Golf Club to beautify this area along hole number five. Ornamental grasses and red oleanders will add color and texture. Our club has also helped with extending irrigation to the new plantings. Once the garden is complete, gravel will be added to prevent erosion. Our club voted to spend up to $4,000 to refresh and maintain areas within our community. Member Shelly Seel and her husband Steve made sunflower-themed wooden signs to identify gardens within our community that the Garden Club is currently working on. Thank you, Shelly and Steve!

The Garden Club is also helping with a project to refresh SunBird’s front entrance by adding a planter and stone facing to the guardhouse. Work started in June and will be completed by mid-July. Again, our club voted to donate $4,000 for this project. Money for both projects comes from our annual Home and Garden Tour, held on the second Sunday in March. Thank you to everyone who supports the SunBird Garden Club, either through membership, volunteering, donations or by purchasing tickets to our Home and Garden Tour. Our regular meetings will resume Nov. 8, and we hope to see you there. Until then, have a wonderful summer!