Footnotes from the Library

Lois Anderson

A few reminders for those of you who are headed north:

Check to see that you do not leave a treasured photo, letter or valued bookmark in the book or books that you are returning to SunBird’s Library.

Check to see that the DVD or CD cover or tape box has the correct disc inside before returning those items.

If you have donations be sure a volunteer accepts them at the library or turn them in to the HOA office (Wanda keeps them for us).

Help is needed during the summer as some of our volunteers also head north. When the temperatures soar upward, we men and women are working in cool air-conditioned comfort. If you know your alphabet and don’t mind walking a bit, this volunteer job is for you. Nancy Smith would welcome a call at 480-802-7144 should you find extra time during our hot, hot summers.

One perk when working in the library, one learns of the vast quantity of items waiting for your attention and a few of the secret gems lingering on the library shelves. Join us! Become a junior librarian) that’s library speak for one who shelves books)!