Footnotes from the Library

Nancy Smith

“Accidental Gems:” These are the books you stumble upon that you thought you’d never read, and they were true gems.

Senner’s Gold, by Helen Corbin(non-fiction). Historian Tom Kollenborn and former Attorney General Bob Corbin reveal their search for the other Superstition treasures. A true historical story in novel form. Well written with maps and photos.

How I Live Now, a novel by Meg Rosoff. A novel of Daisy’s war story. Love and survival. England is attacked and occupied. Told in the voice of a teenager, it is a book for all ages. Awarded the Michael Printz award for excellence in young adult literature.

Joshua, a parable by Joseph Gerzone. A well-told story. Found in Religion section.

The front display shelves have books with a gold star on the spine. These are award-winning books of all kinds and subjects. Who knows? One of these may be an accidental gem for you.