Manager’s Report February 2020

It’s a great time of year at SunBird with all of the activities and events in full operation. We are excited about the many new activities and events that have been scheduled this year. The clubhouse and recreational facilities are packed daily with residents enjoying and having fun! The weather has been terrific and is arguably the best in the country. We hope you take full advantage of all SunBird has to offer.

Over the past month, SunBird has been experiencing a couple of quick power outages. Some areas of SunBird, including the clubhouse, have experienced five or six quick (one second) flicks of power outages over the past couple of weeks. At the clubhouse, this has turned off computers, televisions, and other equipment. The electricity provider, Salt River Project (SRP), has been contacted to report this matter. A person from the SRP Strategic Energy Management Team reported that “There are two official reported events for this month stating unknown cause momentary outages… I looked at circuit reports for the year and see where there have been enough of these ‘blips’ to open a case to investigate this circuit… The investigation could take a while, so in the meantime, please let me know if you have another one, so I can update the case.” Now we have all learned a new word, “blips.” As soon as SRP reports the cause or that they have solved the “blips” we have been experiencing, we will notify the SunBird Community.

Cox Communications provides internet, cable, and telephone services to the clubhouse. They have been working over the past couple of weeks to upgrade these services to the clubhouse. As a result, this has caused these clubhouse utilities, including the office telephones, internet service, televisions, and the Horizon Room point of sale system, to work sporadically and/or be offline for long periods of time. The work is now completed, and operations have been returned to normal.

With all the activity and craziness going on in the world today, SunBird has always been widely known as a “friendly” community. It’s like a small town oasis gated and separated from the rest of the world. As you drive through the gates returning to SunBird, a feeling of safety and being at home comes over you. Sometimes it’s easy to become impatient or short with other people because of what’s going on around the world. Please leave that outside the gates. SunBird is widely known as a friendly place. Let’s put more effort into getting to know our neighbors a little better. Who knows? You might make a good friend. Wave to everyone while in SunBird; people walking, riding bikes, golf carting, or driving vehicles. Say “Hi” to those you walk by in the clubhouse or while using the facilities. Express appreciation to SunBird volunteer leaders of clubs, groups, and organizations. Thank an employee for doing a good job. Hold the door for someone or share a kind word. This year, SunBird is going to focus on “Be Kind.” We just want SunBird to be even a greater place to live and help everyone feel welcome and glad to be here! Join in our efforts to “Be Kind” to everyone.

Enjoy the good life at SunBird!