Footnotes from the Library

Nancy Smith

Even though we are retired, we seniors still seem to move around quite a bit. And at every move, we leave behind assorted books, CDs, DVDs, and other collections we’ve acquired.

The volunteers always appreciate every donation, but we ask you to remember that our shelf space is limited. Ours is a reader’s library, not a research center.

Occasionally, unusual donations make us wonder, such as the huge leather-bound Bible with all the family names in it. And then there was the book with the unusual bookmark: a school photo of a smiling grandchild.

It would be wise to mark out your name and address before donating a book. Take a moment to secure your personal identity before the public sees it.

We see puzzle pieces… two or three, and haven’t time to track down which puzzle box it came from. Take a moment to check the floor before you box up and return that puzzle.

We cannot take books that are falling apart or have been underlined in colored ink.

If you have questions or want to talk to a volunteer, we suggest you drop in on our regular Friday work day, in the morning. If you have a very large donation, Nancy Smith will be happy to come to you and select what we can use. Together, we SunBird readers can keep our library great.