Footnotes from the Library

Nancy Smith

Are books obsolete? Are they dying because of the new varieties that we now can purchase which enable us to buy, read, then send a book to a friend—all with the touch of a finger?

Actually, print and paper books are surviving nicely, and so are the libraries. They actually are sharing space with computers, DVDs, and audio books. And, the folks who work in a library do more than just shelve books. Every day a library must update and look ahead. They can access another library to help you find a certain book. They can direct you to other helpers, if needed.

One of the most popular inventions is the audio book. If you can no longer read or your eyesight is failing, an audio book is the answer. You can still “read” your favorite author with your eyes shut, and if you are driving long distances, you can still “read” a book as you drive. (Just be sure to return the audio book with all the discs!)

And when the grandkids are visiting, there are puzzles, Harry Potter, and games. The SunBird library has a wonderful children’s section for all ages.

Are books obsolete? Not as long as there are authors and the written word.

One sweet lady told me, “There’s just something special and quieting about having a book in your hand.”

So readers, go forth and read, listen, and return!