Footnotes from the library

Nancy Smith

When the news reports that one of our favorite authors has passed away, the reading public suddenly realizes there will be no more of those stories they followed – no more great characters in future novels. Author Robert Ludlum passed away in March of 2001, and immediately they were flooded with letters requesting that Jason Bourne continue. The Robert Ludlum estate then hired Eric VanLustbader to continue the exciting escapades of Bourne.

And when Tom Clancy passed away in October of 2013, the public remembered The Hunt for Red October and wanted more. Enter Grant Blackwood who had co-authored Dead or Alive with Tom Clancy. Blackwood is a veteran of naval operations and a top writer of best sellers. Available now is Tom Clancy Under Fire.

And we couldn’t forget the master mystery storyteller Robert Parker, who passed away in January of 2010. The Robert Parker estate acquired Ace Atkins to continue the Spenser P.I. stories. Atkins has captured the quick, snappy dialogue and style of Spenser’s stories. So even when our favorite writers have ceased to put pen to the paper, there are still talented writers out there who will keep us entertained. They are gone, but not forgotten.