Footnotes from the library

Nancy Smith

The SunBird Library seems to have acquired a collection.

It is a collection we do NOT want.

It is a collection that raises questions.

It is an empty collection. It has nothing.

W.E.B. Griffin’s hard-bound book, The Outlaw.

Colon Powell’s autobiography, It Worked for Me (Life and Leadership).

John Jake’s hard-bound book, California Gold.

Ann Hillerman’s hard-bound book, Rock with Wings. She is continuing in her father’s footsteps with New Mexico mysteries.

We have only the covers to these fine books. Why would you return a cover with no book in it? Read on. There’s more.

VHS – Jesus in the Galilee – Mysteries of the Bible.

DVD – Louis L’Amour’s Shaughnessy, the Iron Marshall.

CD – The Magic of Andrew Lloyd Webber (with our PLEASE RETURN sticker on it).

Once again, we have the empty holders but no content for nos. five, six and seven. It begs the question again: why? Things can get lost or misplaced and that’s understandable. Also, folks tell us they don’t like to read those hard-bound books with the covers on, so they take them off. Okay.

It still remains your responsibility to return the whole thing.

Recently, both hard-bound Scrabble Dictionary books disappeared at once for a short time. Then they both reappeared. Folks, you CANNOT take these dictionaries out of the library. We have some serious Scrabble players here that use them.

If I sound cranky, it’s with good reason. Everything in our library is donated – for you. Just you SunBird people. Shouldn’t we all take better care of it?