SunBird Art Club news

Sharon Eade

This month finds our numbers growing rapidly in SunBird. There is a sense of joy and excitement seeing our friends again and knowing we will have the opportunity to meet new ones. Our Art Club adds to that dimension by bringing new ways of expressing ourselves through art and gaining new skills that add to the enjoyment and satisfaction of seeing what we have created.

I recently read an interview with Mary Whyte, a renowned artist who captures everyday life with everyday people through her brush and watercolors. In her interview she noted there are three things it takes to becoming an accomplished artist: 1. Have something to say; 2. The ability to say it; and 3. The courage to do it. I think for most of us #3 is probably what sets us back the most. Gaining confidence in our skills by interacting with other artists and taking advantage of learning from classes not only adds to our ability but with that comes courage. Now it is up to us to define what we want to say through our art. As our members come together sharing tips, techniques and encouragement, we grow and achieve more than we believed we could. What a bonus to being a part of such a wonderful group of individuals that make up the Art Club. I am so happy to be a member and encourage anyone to come see for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you.