Footnotes from the Library

Lois Anderson

May. This is the fifth month of our calendar. Most of us think of the May flowers that follow the April showers but in Arizona, May is usually just the beginning of the long hot summer with or without blooming flowers on those prickly cacti.

May. By definition, that word means permission is granted but can mean one is able but permission may or may not be granted. For instance, one can carry 10 or 12 books at a time but in our SunBird Library, you may select only five of any one author to stuff into your tote bag. This way everyone is able to find a book by a favorite writer.

May. The time of year many of our neighbors flee to cooler climates. For those of us left behind, we rely on our Library to provide entertainment via books and CDs. Please check your shelves for SunBird Library books and return them for the year-rounders to enjoy. While you are preparing to close up your house, check that CD or DVD player for a disc that may have been left behind when returning your SunBird Library materials.

May. This is also a time when school children with their parents and friends enjoy coming to visit. Remember, on the shelves near the puzzles, there are lots of books and other materials for younger readers. Games for young folks may also be found in a cupboard with other adult games (sometimes we run out of room for them with the kids’ stuff). That cupboard is on the north wall under the painted library shelf of books.

Any owner, renter or their guests may use the Library at SunBird at any time. Since this facility contains donated materials and it is run on the honor system (no checking in or out), we ask that you use the items that you wish and return them as soon as possible. Our volunteer staff hopes that you enjoy this valuable asset and may you use it for fun and enjoyment.