Director Appreciation

The SunBird Singers’ synergy

Is greater than the sum

Of soprano, alto, tenor, base

And the notes where they come from

It’s clearly the integration

Of the parts that were selected

And even tho’ we’re old and wise

We surely need direction!

So Pat and Kim and Mike take pains

To cajole and beg and coach

A bunch of music derelicts

Who believe we’re beyond reproach

The songs they conjure up for sure

Are a challenge to this group

But in the end we “rise again”

And our concerts are no fluke

The Ringers with their bells and chimes

Denote a special skill

The sweet melodic tunes they craft

Make concerts much fulfilled

So kudos to our leaders

They worry, fret, and sweat

But eventually they’re rewarded

With sweet sounds you’ll not forget

As this talented music trio

Extracts the sum of parts

They likely do not realize

They’ve also won our hearts!

With much thanks and gratitude,
Rod Emmerton