Dear SunBird Friends

Lori Littrell

My mom and dad, Norm and Doris Littrell, came to visit me at the nursing home October 29. I just have to tell you what a great day it was for my dad! He found time to play in the Bandit Scramble and was in the group with Steve Loers, Steve Sargeant and Bonnie Kane. Dad said they probably didn’t play well enough to win anything, but got a few hugs from Bonnie for the rare birdies they had. They had a lot of laughs!

That evening was a pizza party and the first practice for the “I Love Lori” concert. Makes me feel pretty humble that all this is going on for my benefit. Dad went over all the artists and their songs and what a show it will be. Dad said the talent is unbelievable, many new faces that have never appeared on the SunBird stage mixed in with our veteran performers from SunBird and the surrounding area. Sounds like Maddy has a fantastic show. By the time you read this, the show will be history, I’m sure a very successful history! Thanks to everyone involved. Maddy, I love you like a sister.

And Dad said while the practice was going on the Bandits were having their get together on the patio with a social hour and dinner. During this dinner, a hat was passed for me and the Bandits opened their hearts to me. I wish I could have been there to thank all the Bandits personally, but that won’t happen any time soon. So for now, I’ll use this venue to do so. My dad said Maddy tried to get him to go out, but he said he would be crying like a baby and just couldn’t handle it.

Yep, dad had a pretty good day, and by the way, I had a pretty good day too. A special thanks to all you SunBirders for all your generosity and caring. Keep those prayers coming!

I love you. Have a great holiday season.