Manager’s Report – December 2014

What a fun and festive time of year with the activities and events going on here in SunBird! We are truly grateful for all those individuals and groups who plan and organize all these events for the benefit of all those in SunBird. This is one of the primary reasons people enjoy SunBird – the many fun activities and shows offered.

One of the goals this year was to improve the communications to the members of SunBird. This summer a group e-mail newsletter was set up for monthly summary SunBird news items. This e-mail group newsletter list is also used for special notices that are time sensitive. To register for these e-mails please visit and click on the “mail chimp” icon on the front page and follow instructions to register. We want all SunBird members to register to keep everyone informed. The SunBird website has also been updated and is still under construction making it easier to navigate and provide additional information.

SunBird has had a Reserve Fund savings account for over 20 years with the purpose of saving monies for future replacement and repair of major assets within SunBird. The reserve schedule for replacement has a list of over 80 items including these major categories: roads, clubhouse, tennis courts, pools, gates and fences, fitness room equipment, Horizon Room equipment, vehicles and equipment, and recreational facilities. Each item in this study has been given an anticipated life expectancy with a cost to replace. With that, the study has a plan to start saving ahead of time the funds needed to replace these items when they reach their life expectancy. From the annual homeowner assessments paid each year already, $100 from each home is transferred into the Reserve Savings Account. Further, from each new SunBird home sale, an additional $300 and $6,000 from Clubhouse payments and interest are also transferred into this account. The projected balance for this account as of the end of 2014 is $425,000. It is anticipated in 2015 that $200,500 will be transferred into this account with planned replacements of that year of $107,659. With this projected funding and replacement cost for 2015, it is anticipated that the year ending Reserve Fund Savings Account balance of 2015 will be $517,000.

SunBird established a Capital Improvement Savings Account in 2009 for the purpose of saving funds for potential new or improved facilities. This account is separate and unrelated to the Reserve Fund Savings Account. The funds from this account primarily come from new SunBird homeowner purchases. Further funding can come from special assessments which was just approved and invoiced recently for the reconfiguration of the swimming pool. The recent special assessment will fund this account an additional $179,300. The account balance of the Capital Improvement Fund as of October 31, 2014 is just over $265,000. Homes sales in SunBird continue to increase this year. A portion of the fees collected from these home sales funds this account. The next 57 new SunBird owner home sales will increase the Capital Improvement Fund an additional amount of $53,865 to a projected account of $498,165 balance May 2015.

This has been a great year and we appreciate all those who have made SunBird a great place to be! Have a happy and safe holiday season!