Dancing Slows the Aging Process

No kidding! Getting out on the dance floor keeps you “younger than Springtime.” While having fun with your partner on the dance floor, you’re also increasing your fitness level, staying strong, and continuing to be mentally alert.

Gentlemen, there is no memorizing to do. Just listen to the music and impress that lovely lady you’ll be holding in your arms. Oh, you don’t have a lady to hold? Well, that situation will improve when you can twirl one around the dance floor. And, ladies, a good follower is always in demand by the gentlemen who enjoy dancing.

The three most important components of dancing are music, the leader, and the follower. Put those together in sync, and there’s no limit to the joy you’ll derive from being on the dance floor. Our classes focus on these skills, and this enables you to enjoy time on the dance floor in as little as eight weeks. You’ll be so impressed with yourself.

Classes meet in the Cottonwood community, and you are free to invite your family and friends. Share the fun!

Group, private, and semi-private classes are available to suit your needs and goals.

For details on the next available class or for answers to any other questions you may have about the program, contact Mary Lou Kaye at 480-939-1869 or [email protected].