Dancing Divas – a new way to  get fit


Mary Lou Kaye

Don’t “work” out – DANCE your way to fitness.

Ladies Only – Looking for a really fun, unique and challenging way to exercise and keep fit and increase your flexibility, strength and balance? How about living those young girl dreams of a chorus line and Broadway success? Movie Musicals? It’s really never too late!

A new class has begun in the Dance Studio in the Cottonwood community. We’ll be doing a mix of Broadway routines, Jazz, Tap, Ethnic, Folk and Line Dancing.  All this while working on balance, core strength, movement technique and style. Results will carry over to sports or any style of dance that catches your fancy.

We want to create a magnificent chorus line that will set standards by which others are judged. For that we need a “bevy” of beauties (that would be you) setting the pace.

A new class will begin in January for all Sun Lakes residents and their friends. For details, contact Mary Lou Kaye at 480-939-1869 or email Mary Lou at [email protected].