CRAB Dollars at Work

Volunteers Fred Nixon, L.D. Baker, and Ron Jackson discover there is sand in those traps. A rototiller from Home Depot rescues four to six inches of beautiful, fluffy sand.

CRAB: Canadians, Roadrunners, Americans, and Bandits, each donated $40 per player from the CRAB Golf Tournament for capital improvements to our golf course. These improvements include repairing buildings, purchasing tractors, and revitalizing our fairways and bunkers.

The golf tournament results featured the perennial winners: The Americans tied with the Roadrunners. They were followed closely by the Canadians and Bandits.

Our community is the real beneficiary of these donations. When you enter the gates at Championship, your first impression is one of awe. The water features, fields of green grass, and beautiful landscaping of the golf course welcome you home to the Jewel of the Valley of the Sun: SunBird Golf Resort.