Couples Gross Shootout Results!

Bob Gerber and Wendie Cameron, Joyce Gerber and Bob Morris, and Cindy Vig and Eric Gossling

The tension was evident on Friday, March 17, when the Men’s Club and Ladies 18ers players paired off in the annual 9-hole elimination contest. Short chips, missed putts, and errant drives displayed how the pressure was affecting these golfers. Ten couples teed off together on the first hole, but only two couples were left to shoot it out on the ninth hole. And the pressure on them persisted, as they tied that hole and had to play it a second time before victory was achieved. Congratulations to Bob Morris and Joyce Gerber who outlasted Bob Gerber and Wendie Cameron to take home first place. Rounding out the top three couples were Eric Gossling and Cindy Vig who won third place.

The rest of the field consisted of Wayne Onyx and Trish Carrel, Greg Smith and Dolly White, Bob Lama and Viva Smith, Rod McInnis and Melissa Craig, Terry Dellit and Pat McInnis, Dean Huyghebaert and Karen Gilmore, and James Morgan and Margie Leach. Alternates were Rob Bower and Deanna Watkins and Jack Cooper and Shirl Morgan.

Congratulations to the 2023 Couples Gross Shootout winners!