Conley Cup Tournament

Conley Cup Tournament players

Congratulations to Team Canada for out-scoring Team USA (14-10) and taking home the prized Conley Cup in the 2023 tournament! It was a close race, and the Canadians prevailed all weekend while providing great entertainment for those spectators following the teams around the course.

This thrilling, three-day event is similar in format to the Ryder Cup, which pits the best qualifying U.S. golfers against the top European golfers. The SunBird Conley Cup Tournament matches the best 12 U.S. SunBird men golfers against the best of the Canadian men golfers. This year’s event took place March 10 through 12.

Using qualifying events and GHIN handicaps, the following golfers were invited to represent their home countries:

Team USA: Jim Chase, Jack Cooper (assistant captain), Jim Craft, Kelly Davis, Bob Gerber, Glen Ketchum, Bob Johns, George Jones, Doug Latham, Bob Morris, Wayne Onyx, Jeff Seaman, LD Baker (alternate), Sam Curatolo (captain), and Dave White (assistant captain)

Team Canada: Rod Benjamin, Rob Bower, Richard Craig (assistant captain), Mike Goldade, Eric Gossling (captain), Dean Huyghebaert, Rod McInnes, James Morgan, Fred Nixon, Brian Robinson, Greg Smulan, Dale Stokey, Gerry Tomlinson, and Wes Terry (alternate)

The format for the tournament changed each day: Friday was Four Ball, Saturday was Foursome Alternate Shot, and Sunday was Individual Match Play. Players/teams either took a point for winning a hole or split a point for tying a hole. Due to COVID-19, this was the first tournament since 2019.