Concerned, caring, contributing, continuance

Rosie VanderVeen

The first Kare Bear meeting of the season took place on October 19. New Board members Deanna Calvert, Carol Weatherbee, Margaret Spear and Linda Bengston (not present) as well as previous board member Barb Dunbar were installed.

Deanna asked that we wear our name badges at meetings and events. This will facilitate and promote recognition for our current and new members. Barb Dunbar read minutes from the April luncheon and stated we had received many thanks from beneficiaries of our donations.

There will be a Kare Bear Faire on Saturday, December 3 in the Ballroom from 8:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. The faires are open to the public, so gather one and all for a pleasant morning of shopping. Please encourage your neighbors, especially the newbies, to attend. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet new people, shop and have donuts and coffee! More than 45 outside vendors, some new, will offer their unique and innovative creations for sale. Watch battery replacements will be available! Tea lady returns! Purses made from cowboy boots, T-shirts, jewelry, leather goods, wood products, candles and much more! The best part, bargains are accessible at the Kare Bears’ famous white elephant table! Innovative items that will delight – not bust your budget. Some donated products are so unique that we are featuring a boutique table to display them.

For all of our faires, Sherry Fann will need three groups of volunteers to set up Friday night at 8:30 p.m.; collect money and work the table; and clean up at faire closing on Saturday.

Mason Varney will again set up tables, bring in tubs from our storage area and unload onto the 10 tables.

Deanna mentioned the January fundraiser still on our calendar for the year. Past President Shirley Jackson stated that the faires and golf tournament yield adequate profits and that an additional event would require more volunteers and labor. The membership will vote on this at the November meeting.

There will be a basket available at the membership table for donations of sample size hygiene products for the homeless. If you frequent hotels/motels etc., please bring them to the KB meetings. Carol Weatherbee also suggested any free coupons for drinks/food would be appreciated.

Our involvement in a future project, Boots in the House, was proposed for consideration. Deanna and Barb will visit this facility and apprise the membership at a later date. A future guest speaker from this group would be informational.

Jackie Baker and Sherry Fann head up our Christmas luncheon on Wednesday, December 18. Look for surprises as they attempt to dazzle and awe the Kare Bears. There will be door prizes donated by members and outside sources as well as the annual food drive. Bring NON-PERISHABLE items which will be donated to the homeless and food banks.

Yearly membership dues are only $5. Come join the fellowship and participate in the charitable endeavors of a lively group with big hearts. Ya’ll come!