Coming Fall 2017 – Southeast Valley Tennis League

Christine Terechenok

Our goal is to create a fun, healthy tennis activity to add to a club’s schedule of events. It is a unique, competitive play against other clubs.


8-12 members per team

2 men’s doubles

2 women’s doubles

1 mixed doubles

Each team supplies balls

Entry: $5.00 per person

Playoffs: four highest team

A match consists of five NO AD sets which includes two sets of men’s doubles, two sets of women’s doubles and one set of mixed doubles. These sets are played in any order. The home team’s captain determines order of play before the match starts. During each set, the team captain can make a gender-to-gender substitution at any time. The player coming out cannot go back in the same set but can be used in another set.

Game is won by first to win 4 points. At 3-all, the receiving team determines if the serve is received in the deuce or add court.

Set is won when the first team reaches four games. At 3-all, a 7-point tiebreaker determines the winner.

Four highest scoring teams will move on to the playoffs.

If your club is interested or if you have any questions, please contact Charlotte Wiard, President of SunBird Tennis Club, at [email protected].