Card Scores

500 Cards

Darlene Thompson

We meet in the Lakeview Room on the second floor by the Pro Shop on Thursday evenings and start to play at 6:30 p.m. Please come early. Remember, we will be starting at 6:30 p.m.; buy-in is $.50.

12/03. 1st Dave Beech 2830, 2nd Midori Holbrook 2620, 3rd (tie) Sandy Stibitz and Shirley Stein 2250

12/10. 1st Janette Schott 2490, 2nd Dianna Roeder 2180, 3rd Darlene Thompson 1630

12/17. 1st Jeanne Berte 2400, 2nd Shirley Stein 2380, 3rd Dave Beech 2280

12/24. No cards – Christmas Eve

12/31. No cards – New Year’s Eve

Monday Afternoon Bridge

12/07. 1st Ron Mitchell, 2nd Betty Wente, 3rd (tie) Karlene Garn and Ken Haslow

12/14. 1st Mike Lamers, 2nd Judy O’Neil, 3rd Marlys Haslow; Slam: Toni Greisiger, Mike Lamers, Lil MacPherson and Dorothy Sykes

12/21. 1st Betty Nobling, 2nd July O’Neil, 3rd Arlie Mulder

12/28. 1st Rose Brown, 2nd Shirley Jackson, 3rd Shirley Clark; Slam: Rose Brown, Shirley Clark, Shirley Lamers and Larry Schornborn

Wednesday Evening Partnership Bridge

12/02. 1st Joan Beutel and Mel Huser, 2nd Larry Schornborn and Craig Thorsen, 3rd Barb Ott and Larry Arthington

12/09. 1st Joan Beutel and Ruth Ketchum, 2nd Rachel Anderson and Janette Schott, 3rd Craig Thorsen and Larry Schornborn

12/16. 1st Larry Schornborn and Craig Thorsen, 2nd Rachel Anderson and Janette Schott, 3rd Lil MacPherson and Jackie Hughebaert

12/23. No Bridge

12/30. No Bridge

Friday Afternoon Bridge

12/04. 1st (tie) Ron Mrugala, Mike Lamers and Dick Conlon

12/11. 1st Kathy McFayden, 2nd Larry Schornborn, 3rd Jim Beaupre; Slam: Nan Atchiley, Rose Brown (two), Dick Conlon and Larry Schornborn (two)

12/18. 1st Janet McCoy, 2nd Larry Schornborn, 3rd Sue McCutcheon

12/25. No Bridge


John Valentine

We meet on Monday evenings on the third floor at SunBird in the Pima Room. Buy-in is $1 and we start at 7:00 p.m.; come early.

12/7. 1st Bob Yerian 722, 2nd (tie) Gleva Wiepking and Glen Roszel 713, 3rd Cathy Meder 712

12/14. 1st Linda Ritter 726, 2nd George Ritter 722, 3rd Gary Sheppard 720

12/21. 1st Tonja Kinser 715, 2nd Kerry Schuster 712, 3rd Pauline Cantera 700

12/28. Penny Phipps 726, 2nd Pat Kelly 690, 3rd John Valentine 684


Darlene Thompson

We meet in the Lakeview Room which is on the second floor next to the Pro Golf Shop. We start at 6:30 p.m. Come early; buy-in is $.50.

12/06. 1st Ralph Goheen 63, 2nd Sandy Stibitz 60, 3rd Doug English 55

12/13. 1st Ruth Ketchum 58, 2nd Alda Frey 56, 3rd Darlene Thompson 53

12/20. 1st Bill Hackett 63, 2nd Ralph Goheen 62, 3rd Ken Reidenbach 53

12/26. 1st Linda Hackett 56, 2nd Penny Phipps 54, 3rd Bill Hackett 53


Darlene Thompson

We meet on Tuesday evenings on the third floor in the Pima Room at SunBird and start playing at 6:30 p.m.; come early. Buy-in is $.50. Remember, we start at 6:30 p.m.

12/01. 1st Konrad Spicker 912, 2nd Sandy Stibitz 794, 3rd Jackie Baker 784

12/08. 1st Rollin Marion 755, 2nd Dianna Roeder 749, 3rd Shirley Stein 713

12/15. 1st Tracy Callaghan 851, 2nd Darlene Thompson 783, 3rd Rose Brown 760

12/22. 1st Bunny Sullivan 758, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 705, 3rd Tracy Callaghan 701

12/29. 1st Arlie Mulder 754, 2nd Rose Brown 699, 3rd Gleva Wiepking