Candidates for SBGA

Steve Cockrell

Steve Cockrell

Eric Gossling

Eric Gossling

Loren Carrel

Loren Carrel

Eric Gossling, 1801 E. La Costa Drive, 480-339-0230 (home),

email: [email protected]

My vision for SBGA: To have a well-maintained golf course that is easily accessible to SunBird residents and also to outside players at a reasonable cost.

The strengths/experiences I would bring: I have a business background, with a university degree in Business Administration. I have 30 years of experience in a retail family business, dealing with the public daily. The retail business my wife and I started from scratch. I spent eight years serving on the Board of Directors of a large buying cooperative that included over 100 stores and did $20-25 million dollars in business. I served as president of this Board for two years.

My understanding of current issues, goal, innovations of the current Board: I feel that continuing to improve the overall condition of the golf course, including the greens and sand traps, is important. Also, the evaluation of the golf carts and keeping them in good condition is a good step. The attempts to keep the pace of play at a reasonable level are well taken. Having SunBird Golf Club in a good financial position is beneficial to all of us.

Loren Carrel, 1531 E County Down, 248-345-3572, email: [email protected]

My vision for SBGA: To create a program to make the golf course financially sound for decades.

The strengths/experiences I would bring: Retired Detective Sergeant with the Livonia MI, Police Department

My understanding of current issues, goal, innovations of the current Board: It is important to keep a high standard of the golf course and its equipment. Keep the golf course looking good and financially sound.

Steve Cockrell, 6471 S. Tournament Lane, Chandler, AZ 85249, 480-802-4251, email: [email protected]

My vision for SBGA: My vision is not only for our golf course, but for our community. I see the golf course and the community as one. I feel that it is very important for all of us to work together to make it as one. I would like to think that looking into the future that the golf course will continue to be one of the real draws for potential home buyers in the SunBird Community and that that draw will be one of the things that will help to keep our home resale values up and to help grow our course membership. My commitment to all of you, as a board member, is to do everything that I can to help promote the kinds of programs that will help us strengthen our golf course, both financially and in the community, and to pull the two sections of our community closer together. One of the things that has to be done to accomplish that goal is to insure that our golf course continues to remain financially strong and in good condition. Debt reduction and affordable golf are key issues with me.

The strengths/experiences I would bring: My wife Judy and I are both involved in several golfing groups, here in SunBird and golf here on a regular basis. I feel that because of our involvement with the golf course that I have a pretty good feel of the issues that need to be dealt with both short and long term. I have spent my entire working career working for small business, not only as an employee, but as a small business owner. I understand financial statements, and what it takes to keep a business successful. I also understand how important the customer is and how important it is to work together with the customer to create a Win Win environment.

My understanding of current issues, goals, innovations of the current Board: I attend the regular monthly board meetings and the annual meeting. I understand the financial reports and I share in the board’s goals of debt reduction and increasing the membership numbers.