Canadians Restricted

Wes Akerman

The plight affecting Canadian snowbirds is twofold.

Firstly, the U.S./Canadian border is closed for non-essential travel. Air travel is allowed, so some of us have returned to our winter homes this year.

Secondly, our Canadian government has instituted a travel advisory asking Canadians not to travel outside the country due to the COVID pandemic. We must purchase private medical insurance for travel outside of Canada. Many companies have chosen not to cover COVID until the travel advisory is lifted. Some companies do cover COVID.

It is for the above reasons that many Canadians have chosen to forego their winter sojourn to SunBird this year.

Social events have been put on hold until we have this pandemic under control. Hopefully, the vaccinations are successful, and we can once again continue to enjoy SunBird and everything it has to offer.