Canadian Farewell

Another winter of “fun in the sun” has come to an end. Like the geese, we Canadians are preparing to return to our “home and native land.”

Canadians are active participants in all the activities offered at SunBird and really appreciate the leadership of Layne, Wendy, Bonnie, John, Joe, and their crews.

The golf course is a major attraction, and the pristine condition of the course this year, especially the grass on the side of the third green, was a real treat. Thank you to Brenden and his crew.

Final social events with friends and neighbours are concluding, and “when we meet again” is the theme most often heard.

We look forward to starting the new season with a patio party on Nov. 17 and a resounding return to a full SunBird lifestyle.

Until we meet again, stay healthy and happy. Thanks for the memories.