Bridge Results

Monday Afternoon Bridge

Mel Huser

1/04. 1st Shirley Lamers, 2nd Larry Arthington, 3rd Kathy McFayden; Slam: Barb Ott and Shirley Lamers

1/11. 1st Michael McDonough, 2nd Dorothy Sykes, 3rd Marlys Haslow; Slam: Ruthie Campbell, Toni Greisiger, Michael McDonough and Judy O’Neil

1/18. 1st Toni Greisiger, 2nd Dorothy Sykes, 3rd Peggy White; Slam: Gordy Fortier, Larry Schoenborn, Dorothy Sykes and Peggy White; Slam: Gordy Fortier, Larry Schoenborn, Dorothy Sykes and Peggy White

1/25. 1st Ron Mitchell, 2nd Dick Ballou, 3rd Jean Ballou; Slams: Nan Atchiley (2), Dick Conlon, Anne Adolph, Shirley Jackson, Ron Mitchell (3), Janette Schott and Betty Wente

Wednesday Morning Mixed Bridge

Jeanne Lewis

1/06. 1st Mike Lamers, 2nd Craig Thorsen, 3rd Shirley Lamers

1/13. 1st Chris Nechvatal, 2nd Shirley Clark, 3rd Craig Thorsen

1/20. 1st Make Lamers, 2nd Mary Jo Howe, 3rd Shirley Lamers

1/27. 1st Shirley Lamers, 2nd Mike Lamers, 3rd Dave Davis

Wednesday Evening  Partnership Bridge

Mel Huser

1/06. 1st Bob Lahr and Joyce Lahr, 2nd Larry Schoenborn and Craig Thorsen, 3rd Sue McCutcheon and Jim McCutcheon; Slams: Larry Schoenborn and Craig Thorsen

1/13. 1st Mike Lamers and Shirley Lamers,, 2nd Rachel Anderson and Janette Schott, 3 Michael McDonough and Lauren McDonough; Slams: Barb Ott, Larry Arthington, Rachel Anderson and Janette Schott

1/20. 1st Jean Ballou and Dick Ballou, 2nd Toni Greisiger and Wayne Onyx, 3rd Lil MacPherson and Jackie Huyghebart; Slams: Jean Ballou (2), Dick Ballou (2), Lynn West, Fay Lockwood, Lil MacPherson (2), Jackie Huyghebart (2), Toni Greisiger (2) and Wayne Onyx (2)

1/27. 1st Barb Ott and Larry Arthington, 2nd Walter Mills and Lita Mills, 3rd Anne Adolph and Don Adolph

Duplicate Bridge

Lois Schmidt

My December scores did not get published so here are the January scores for SunBird Duplicate Bridge

1/07. 1st Larry Schoenborn and Craig Thorsen, 2nd Ruth Ketchem and Jim Beaupre, 3rd Terry and Sharon Wold

1/14. 1st Ruth Ketchum and Jim Beaupre, 2nd Mary Jo Howe and Dolores Kline, 3rd Dianna Wreford and Turner

1/21. 1st Ruth Ketchum and Jim Beaupre, 2nd Judy O’Neil and Rachel Anderson, 3rd Kathy McFadyen and Dorothy Sykes

1/28. NS: 1st Barry and Sharon Trojanoski, 2nd Craig Thorsen and Larry Schoenborn, 3rd Kathy McFadyen and Dorothy Sykes

EW: 1st Mike McDonough and Ron Mitchell, 2nd Dianna Wreford and Brian Turner, 3rd Mike and Shirley Lamers

Friday Afternoon Bridge

Melvin Huser

1/01. No Bridge

1/08. 1st Michael McDonough, 2nd Dick Ballou, 3rd Shirley Lamers; Slam: Michael McDonough and Laurel McDonough

1/15. 1st Dorothy Sykes, 2nd (tie) Peggy White and Shirley Lamers

1/22. 1st Katie Kelly, 2nd Ruth Ketchum, 3rd Karlene Garn; Slam: Mel Huser, Jim McCutcheon, Janette Schott, Ron Kaat, Sue Kaat and Gordy Fortier

1/29. 1st Karlene Garn, 2nd Ron Mrugola, 3rd Mike Lamers; Slam: Betty Fortier, Ron Mitchell, Jean Mrugola, Jeannine Swan, Bill Kohlmorgen and Katie Kelly