Bridge Results

Monday Afternoon Bridge

11/02. 1st Barb Ott, 2nd Mike Lamers, 3rd Larry Schoenborn

11/09. 1st Anne Adolph, 2nd Joan Beutel, 3rd Toni Greisiger

11/16. 1st Terry Wold, 2nd Ken Haslow, 3rd Dick Conlon

11/23. 1st Judy O’Neil, 2nd Dorothy Sykes, 3rd Barb Ott

11/30. 1st Dick Conlon, 2nd Mike Lamers, 3rd Melvin Huser; Slam: Mike Lamers and Larry Schoenborn

Wednesday Morning Mixed Bridge

11/04. 1st Ruth Ketchum, 2nd Mike Lamers, 3rd Nan Atchley

11/11. 1st Larry Schoenborn, 2nd Ruth Ketchum, 3rd Craig Thorsen

11/18. 1st Toni Greisiger, 2nd Ruth Ketchum, 3rd Frank Nechvatal

11/25. 1st Ruth Ketchum, 2nd Craig Thorsen, 3rd Mike Lamers

Wednesday Evening Partnership Bridge

11/04. 1st Barb Ott and Larry Arthington, 2nd Joan Beutel and July O’Neil, 3rd Shirley Lamers and Mike Lamers; Slam: Barb Ott and Larry Arthington and Larry Shoenborn and Craig Thorsen

11/11. 1st (tie) Shirley Lamers and Mike Lamers and Lil MacPherson and Jackie Hughebaert, 3rd Toni Greisiger and Wayne Onyx; Slam: Sharon and Terry Wold

11/18. 1st Judy O’Neil and Kathy McFaden, 2nd Craig Thorsen and Larry Shoenborn, 3rd Melvin Huser and Karlene Garn

11/25. 1st Jim Beaupie and Mike Lamers, 2nd Craig Thorsen and Larry Shoenborn. 3rd Toni Greisiger and Wayne Onyx

Duplicate Bridge

Lois Schmidt

10/29. 1st Dianna Wreford and Brian Turner, 2nd Larry Schoenborn and Joan Beutel, 3rd Carol Phillips and Bob Namon

11/05. NS: 1st Connie Robertshaw and Judy O’Neil, 2nd Dianna Wreford and Brian Turner, 3rd Rose Brown and Jim Bellman

EW: 1st Mike and Shirley Lamers, 2nd Bob Namon and Carol Phillips, 3rd Ruth Ketchum and Peg White

11/12. NS: 1st Rose Brown and Jim Bellman, 2nd Lil MacPherson and Connie Robertshaw, 3rd Kathy McFadyen and Dorothy Sykes

EW: 1st Brian Turner and Dianna Wreford, 2nd Shirley and Mike Lamers, 3rd Sharon and Terry Wold

11/19. 1st Craig Thorsen and Larry Schoenborn, 2nd Dianna Wreford and Brian Turner, 3rd (tie) Rose Brown and Jim Bellman and Helen Goheen and Lois Schmidt

Friday Afternoon Bridge

11/06. 1st Mary Jo Howe, 2nd July O’Neil, 3rd Rose Brown

11/13. 1st Julie Napton, 2nd Lavonne Buland, 3rd Ruth Ketchum

11/20. 1st Larry Shoenborn, 2nd Toni Greisiger, 3rd Dolores Kline; Slam: Joan Beutel, Toni Greisiger, Melvin Huser, Dolores Kline, Jeannie Lewis and Larry Shoenborn

11/27. No Bridge