Bridge Results

Monday Afternoon Bridge

9/07. 1st Rose Brown, 2nd Ruth Campbell, 3rd Rachel Anderson and Linda Erwin

9/14. 1st Mike Lamers, 2nd Larry Schornborn, 3rd Jim Beaupre; Slams: Mike Lamers, Larry Schornborn, Jeanette Schott and Peggy White

9/21. 1st Barb Ott, 2nd Rose Brown, 3rd Arley Mulder

9/28. 1st Mel Huser, 2nd Dolores Kline, 3rd Mike Lamers; Slams: Mel Huser, Dolores Kline, Mary Jo Howe, Chet Howe, Ruth Campbell, Rose Brown, LaVonne Buland and Mike Lamers

Wednesday Morning Mixed Bridge

9/02. 1st LaVonne Buland, 2nd Mel Huser, 3rd Trish Deflieze

9/09. 1st Mike Lamers, 2nd Frank Nechvatal, 3rd Jim Beaupre

9/16. 1st Mike Lamers, 2nd Virgil Buland, 3rd Larry Schornborn

9/30. 1st Rose Brown, 2nd Mike Lamers, 3rd LaVonne Buland

Friday Afternoon Bridge

9/04. 1st Virgil Buland, 2nd Rachel Anderson, 3rd Trish Delfieze

9/11. 1st Shirley Jackson, 2nd Mike Lamers, 3rd Trish Delfieze; Slams: Shirley Jackson, Dolores Kline, Mike Lamers and Barb Ott

9/18. 1st Dorothy Sykes, 2nd Dolores Kline, 3rd Melvin Huser

9/25. 1st Janette Schott, 2nd Shirley Jackson, 3rd Mike Lamers; Slam: Larry Schornborn and Dave Davis