Bridge Results

Monday Afternoon Bridge
Melvin Huser
March winners:
3/04. 1st Arlie Mulder, 2nd Marlys Haslow, 3rd (tie) June Preder and Sharon Wold
3/11. 1st Arlie Mulder, 2nd Linda Erwin, 3rd Jean Ballou
3/18. 1st Karlene Garn, 2nd Mel Huser, 3rd Barb Ott
3/25. 1st Jean Ballou, 2nd June Preder, 3rd Barb Ott

Wednesday Morning Mixed Bridge
Jeanne Lewis
3/06. 1st Mel Huser, 2nd Katherine Gibbs, 3rd Betty Nobling
3/13. 1st Jim McCutcheon, 2nd Chris Nechvatal, 3rd Sandy Bullock
3/20. 1st Shirley Clark, 2nd Sharon Wold, 3rd Rose Brown
3/27. 1st Terry Wold, 2nd Helen Goheen, 3rd Mel Huser

Wednesday Evening Bridge
Toni Greisiger
3/06. 1st Sharon and Terry Wold, 2nd Team Onyx, 3rd Karlene Garn and Mel Huser
3/13. 1st Jean and Dick Ballou, 2nd Sharon and Terry Wold, 3rd Laurel McDonough and Joan Boyle
3/20. 1st June Preder and Bruce Kaiser, 2nd Sharon and Terry Wold, 3rd Jackie Huyghebaert and Lil MacPherson
3/27. 1st Helen Goheen and Judy O’Neil, 2nd Jean and Dick Ballou, 3rd Laurel McDonough and Paul Klancher

Friday Afternoon Bridge
Jim McCutcheon
March winners for Friday Afternoon Bridge:
3/01. 1st Rose Brown, 2nd Terry Wold, 3rd Karlene Garn
3/08. 1st Jim McCutcheon, 2nd Larry Schoenborn, 3rd Rose Brown
3/15. 1st Sharon Wold, 2nd Shirley Jackson, 3rd June Preder
3/22. 1st June Preder, 2nd Sue Kaat, 3rd Larry Schoenborn
3/29. 1st Dolores Kline, 2nd Beth Miller, 3rd Melvin Huser

Duplicate Bridge
Lois Schmidt
March Duplicate Bridge scores:
3/07. 1st Chris Nechvatal and Carol Phillips, 2nd Helen Goheen and Lois Schmidt, 3rd Lil MacPherson and Jackie Huyghebaert
3/14. 1st Larry Schoenborn and Peggy White, 2nd Rose Brown and Dorothy Sykes, 3rd Mary Jo Howe and Barb Ott
3/21. 1st Dorothy Sykes and Rose Brown, 2nd Peggy White and Larry Schoenborn, 3rd Laurel and Michael McDonough
3/28. 1st NS Helen Goheen and Lois Schmidt, 2nd NS Ron and Donna Mitchell, 3rd NS Rose Brown and Dorothy Sykes; 1st EW Dolores Kline and Nan Achley, 2nd EW June Preder and Bruce Kaiser, 3rd EW Carol Phillips and Chris Nechvatal