Bridge Results


Monday Afternoon Bridge

Melvin Huser

January winners:

1/07. 1st June Preder, 2nd Dorothy Sykes, 3rd Rachel Anderson

1/14. 1st Barb Ott, 2nd Shirley Jackson, 3rd Peggy White

1/21. 1st Dorothy Sykes, 2nd Fay Lockwood, 3rd June Yates

1/28. 1st Dirk Ballou, 2nd Arlie Mulder, 3rd Larry Schoenborn

Refresher Bridge Class

FUNdaMENTAL Bridge is offering a refresher class for those who recently learned to play bridge or those who want to update their bidding conventions. Learn with Maria Davis, an Audrey Grant Better Bridge Instructor, Life Master and ACBL Game Director.

Boot Camp Bridge. Not for Beginners but for people who have played some bridge and would like to refresh their bidding and conventions. It starts with contemporary first and second round bidding and proceeds to common conventions and an overview of preemptive bids, overcalls and takeout doubles. Friday mornings 9:00 to 11:15 a.m., March 1-29, at the Friendship Room in the Sun Lakes clubhouse. Five weeks, $50 plus texts. Only interested in one topic? Individual weeks at $15 each. To register, contact Maria Davis at 480-883-2826 or [email protected]

Duplicate Bridge

Lois Schmidt

1/01. 1st Dianna Wreford and Brian Turner, 2nd Mary Jo Howe and Barb Ott, 3rd Michael McDonough and Ron Mitchell

1/10. 1st Helen Goheen and Lois Schmidt, 2nd Mary Jo Howe and Barb Ott, 3rd June Preder and Bruce Kaiser

1/17. 1st Bruce Kaiser and June Preder, 2nd Mary Jo Howe and Barb Ott, 3rd Brian Turner and Dillon Boyle

1/24. N/S: 1st Ron Mitchell and Michael McDonough, 2nd Mel Huser and Karlene Garn, 3rd Brian Turner and Dianna Wreford; E/W: 1st Lil MacPherson and Chris Nechvatal, 2nd June Preder and Bruce Kaiser, 3rd Judy O’Neil and Rachel Anderson

1/31. N/S: 1st Dianna Wreford and Brian Turner, 2nd Larry Schoenborn and Connie Robertshaw, 3rd Helen Goheen and Lois Schmidt; E/W: 1st Dorothy Sykes and Rose Brown, 2nd Bruce Kaiser and June Preder, 3rd Peggy White and Katherine Gibbs

Wednesday AM Mixed Bridge

01/02. 1st Jerry Wold, 2nd Ken Haslow, 3rd Shirley Clark

01/09. 1st Katherine Gibbs, 2nd Sandy Bullock, 3rd Gunter Deflieze

01/16. 1st Gunter Deflieze, 2nd LaVonne Buland, 3rd Judy O’Niel

01/23. 1st Betty Nobling, 2nd Shirley Clark, 3rd Toni Greisiger

01/30. 1st Jerry Wold, 2nd Rose Brown, 3rd Helen Goheen

Wednesday Evening Bridge

Toni Greisiger

1/02. 1st June Preder and Bruce Kaiser, 2nd Team Onyx, 3rd Adele Johnson and Barb Filiere

1/09. 1st Lil MacPherson and Jackie Huyghebaert, 2nd Sue and Ron Kaat, 3rd June Preder and Bruce Kaiser

1/16. 1st Dick Ballou and Paul Klancher, 2nd Karlene Garn and Mel Huser, 3rd Barb Ott and Rachel Anderson

1/23. 1st Sue and Ron Kaat, 2nd Team Onyx, 3rd Beth Miller and Bob Lahr

1/30. 1st Jean and Dick Ballou, 2nd June Preder and Bruce Kaiser, 3rd Beth Miller and Toni Greisiger

Friday Afternoon Bridge

Jim McCutcheon

1/04. 1st Beth Miller, 2nd Dolores Kline, 3rd Chet Howe

1/11. 1st Sue Kaat, 2nd Sharon Wold, 3rd Jean Mrgala

1/18. 1st Beth Miller, 2nd Dick Ballou, 3rd Sue Kaat

1/25. 1st Katherine Gibbs, 2nd Dorothy Sykes, 3rd Jim McCutcheon