Bridge Results

Monday Bridge Group

Shirley Jackson

SunBird Monday Bridge Group report for May, 2017:

5/01. 1st Marlys Haslow, 2nd Ken Haslow, 3rd Sharon Wold

5/08. 1st Larry Schoenborn, 2nd Dot Sykes, 3rd Peggy White

5/15. 1st Chet Howe, 2nd Nan Atchley, 3rd Arlie Mulder

5/22. 1st Rachel Anderson, 2nd Rose Brown, 3rd Barb Ott

5/29. 1st Larry Schoenborn, 2nd Beth Miller, 3rd Karlene Garn

Wednesday Morning Mixed Bridge

5/03. 1st Shirley Clark, 2nd Ken Haslow, 3rd Larry Schoenborn

5/10. 1st Chris Nechvatal, 2nd Jim Beaupre, 3rd Mary Jo Howe

5/17. 1st Rose Brown, 2nd Chris Nechvatal, 3rd Walt Mills

5/24. 1st Larry Schoenborn, 2nd LaVonne Buland, 3rd Jeanne Lewis

5/31. 1st Jim Beaupre, 2nd Chris Nechvatal, 3rd Rose Brown

Wednesday Evening Bridge

5/03. 1st Sue and Jim McCutcheon, 2nd Rachel Anderson and Barb Ott, 3rd Ron Mitchell and Donna Elliot

5/10. 1st Lita and Walter Mills, 2nd Donna Elliot and Ron Mitchell, 3rd Karlene Garn and Mel Huser

5/17. 1st Mike and Shirley Lamers, 2nd Mike and Lauren McDonough, 3rd Rachel Anderson and Barb Ott

5/24. 1st Ron Mitchell and Donna Elliot, 2nd Terry and Sharon Wold, 3rd Jim Beaupre and Toni Greisiger

5/31. 1st Lavonne Buland and Treach Deflieze, 2nd Jim Beaupre and Toni Greisiger, 3rd Jim and Sue McCutheon

Thursday Morning Novice  Duplicate Bridge Game

Maria Davis

This is a practice-type teaching game for novices and Social Bridge players interested in learning about Duplicate Bridge and improving their skills in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a 15-minute lesson on bridge tips, followed by playing duplicated hands. During bidding and play of the hands, you may ask questions. Everyone is welcome, with or without a partner. Duplicate Bridge can be fun! We play on Thursday mornings at 8:15 a.m. at Risen Savior Lutheran Church. Follow us on Facebook at East Valley Novice Duplicate Bridge Group, or email [email protected] for further information.

Friday Afternoon Bridge

Mike Lamers

Friday Afternoon Bridge is held in the SunBird Pima Room from 12:30-4:00 p.m.

May, 2017, winners:

5/05. 1st Mary Jo Howe, 2nd Barb Ott, 3rd Rachel Anderson

5/12. 1st Jim McCutcheon, 2nd Dolores Kline, 3rd Mary Jo Howe

5/19. 1st Bill Kohlmorgen, 2nd Toni Greisiger, 3rd Larry Schoenborn

5/26. 1st Jim McCutcheon, 2nd Jim Beaupre, 3rd Dolores Kline