Bridge Results

Sue and Jim McCutcheon

Out of the 45 players who attended the Bridge Gala, there were eight winners based upon their scores. Toni Greisinger took first place with a high score of 4670. Second place had 4400, and those points were made by Jeanette Tenney. Jim Beaupre slid into third place with 4240. Sharon Wold, the fourth placeholder, accumulated 4040 points. June Yates and Janette Schott followed closely with 4010 each, placing the two in fifth and sixth place. Marlys Haslow crept right behind the 4010 mark, with 4000. She took seventh place. Wayne Onyx attained eighth place with 3910. It is ironic that mother and son took first and last place with the winning scores. Congratulations to all for their efforts! Everyone played with finesse and had a good spirit. See you next year!