Brainstorming update


Nancy Eckstein, HOA Board Member

One of the Board of Directors’ 2018 goals was to conduct a “Brainstorming Session” with homeowners to gain ideas to improve SunBird. This session was held on March 23 with about 150 residents generating approximately 350 ideas.

These ideas were then sorted into 16 categories. These ideas were then further sorted into the following areas:

1. Currently in motion and/or completed

2. Given to either the Board, a committee or staff for possible implementation and report back to Board

3. Previously studied or recently considered

4. Would require a vote of the entire membership

5. Other (ideas that didn’t fall into the first four areas)

These ideas have been assigned to either the Board, a committee or staff, and they will be asked to:

1. Look at their assignments to determine if the ideas have already been looked at and do not need further study

2. Prioritize ideas that they deem need further study

3. Report back to the Board

Golf course issues were given to the Golf Course Club Board for their information.

Copies of the sorted ideas are available online and at the office.