Board of Directors Meeting Notes

Chuck Heitbrink, Board Secretary

These are notes from the Board of Directors meeting held Monday, Jan. 24, 2022, in the ballroom.

Members present: Steve Seel, Lisa Onyx, Jim Anderson, Dan Buescher, Linda DiPalma, Chuck Heitbrink, Manager Layne Varney. Dirk Close was excused.

The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by President Steve Seel. There were 57 residents in attendance.

The board reviewed the minutes of the Dec. 13, 2021, meeting. A motion by Lisa to approve the minutes with corrections indicated by Jim in the Finance Report, seconded by Jim. Approved 6/0.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Jim. He advised that Revenues of $2,816,999 have exceeded Expenses $2,287,791 for the year. He detailed the totals in the Operating Account $450,189, Special Projects Fund $10,668, Contingency Fund $293,307, Reserve Fund $667,836, Capital Improvement Fund $50,093, Golf and Community Beautification Fund $25,800, for a total cash on hand of $1,497,893.

The Manager’s Report was presented by Layne.

Layne reported that several homeowners had reported being sick, and he re-enforced the basic rules of SunBird. If you are or feel sick, stay home and get checked out. He also reported that several employees have been sick and that all employees are checked prior to beginning work.


He reported that the Account status for 2021: Collected $1,464.09 during the month of December. One home has a lien recorded, four homes are six months delinquent, and seven homes are making payments. Delinquency rate continues to be less than one-half percent. Seventy-six courtesy notices were mailed this month to remind homeowners that the first portion of their annual dues are overdue. Fifteen homes have been sold in SunBird during the month of December, for a year-ending total of 162. This is the second largest year for home sales.

Licenses for 2022 have been renewed, including liquor license, swimming pools, business license, and others. Annual financial independent audit for the year 2021 is currently in process.

Horizon Room

We continue to face several challenges with re-culturing staff on policies and procedures, hiring challenges, employee health challenges, and issues with supply chain. He advised that this month had several last-minute changes in hours due to employee sickness. However, the good news is that new cooks and wait staff have been hired and are in training. He reported that the new oven for buns, rolls, and pastries had been installed in the ballroom kitchen. In an effort to promote all fresh foods, the walk-in freezer has been modified to accommodate additional fresh foods.


The clubhouse exterior was power-washed, and the windows have been cleaned. As part of the general clean-up, the hallway carpets have been cleaned.

Thanks to Linda DiPalma, Bill Ley, Jane Sorios, and Joe Hart for painting the outside barbeque area. Additionally, Dave DeBois and Linda DiPalma deep cleaned all the clubhouse outdoor patio furniture.

A new rowing exercise machine and shoulder cardio trainer is in route for the fitness room.

The sidewalk around the mailboxes at Waterview and Oakmont have been expanded and now include a handrail for additional safety.

Landscape Common Area

The common areas have been treated with weed pre-emergent. Some landscape updating projects with additional rock and refurbishing have begun.


The office has received several complaints about speeding cars and golf carts and numerous stop sign violations The Patrol is stopping five to six vehicles per day, and the Arizona Rangers are assisting with enforcement.

Committee Liaison Reports

Architectural Control – No report this month.

Finance – Jim reported that the committee did not meet this month. He did thank all the team for their work on reviewing expenses and thanked the committee for their assistance.

Project Review – Dan reviewed the December home sales. The new wall soffits are complete on the lower-level hallway. The new cabinets in the Hopi Room are on hold currently. The construction on the Laundry Room is also on hold. The floors and walls of the small pool will need to be resurfaced soon.

Rules – The committee did not meet this month due to illness.

Welcoming & Marketing – Chuck reported that the committee is currently planning their first new homeowner dinner this week and will be continuing every other week until we are caught up. A Renters Coffee is planned for next month to introduce the renters to some of the activities available at SunBird, and representatives will be on hand to visit and answer any questions.

HOA/Golf Board – Lisa reported that the committee discussed the following topics:

• The HOA received a letter from the Golf Board a new CC&R vote for an 8% addition to the HOA dues for improvement of the Golf Course common areas. The letter has been sent to the HOA’s attorney, and the HOA will be responding to the Golf Course Board today with a request for additional information.

• The Golf Course submitted a request for use of the collected funds from the Beautification Fund to upgrade the electrical equipment at the maintenance shed. The Golf Course is securing a copy of the certificate of insurance from the contractor, as well as a hold harmless certificate per terms of the Memorandum of Understanding between the HOA and the Golf Course.

• The current budget for the Golf Course allows for $24,000 to be spent on overseeding the tees and greens. If they were able to overseed the fairways, the cost would be $61,000, and if wall-to-wall seeding, as is currently in place, the cost would be $103,000. The price of seed has increased from $1 per pound to $3 per pound.

• Generally, the Golf Course asks for donations with the midyear dues statement. In the past, this has generated approximately $10,000.

The Project Review Committee made the following recommendations:

Add shades at each end of the shuffleboard courts to facilitate play during warmer weather. The project was put on hold pending a diagram of the project to be presented next month.

A motion was made by Dan to update the floors in the six restrooms in the clubhouse. The flooring would be seamless and slip resistant and much easier to clean. Linda seconded. Motion Approved 6/0.

The liaisons were reminded to be prepared with the names of their committee members at the next meeting for approval and approval of the chairman.

The Golf Club request for funding for the maintenance shed was put on hold upon receipt of the signed hold harmless from the contractor.

The Golf Course requested a change in the CC&Rs. A letter has been sent acknowledging the request, and a second letter was given to Dave White with items that needed further discussion.

The HOA Board of Directors goals were presented:

• Digital Trends

• Evaluate the Long-Term Needs and Wants of the Community Given the Change in Demographics

• SunBird Employee Succession Plans

• Resource Development within SunBird

• Educate SunBird Community on Committees and Engagement

A motion to accept the goals was made by Steve and seconded by Dan. Motion Passed 6/0.

The Board of Directors Pledge was read by Linda and then signed by all board members.

The annual meeting date was set for March 7, 2022. The agenda was briefly discussed. It will be similar to years past.

The Comment sheets were reviewed by Layne.

Homeowners’ comments were logged and will be responded to, if not at this time, in the future.

With no further business, President Steve Seel adjourned the meeting at 11:19 a.m.

The next Board Of Directors Business Meeting will be Monday, March 28, at 10 a.m. in the ballroom.