SunBird Patrol News

Calling all pet lovers—please, let’s pick up after our beloved fur babies. We have seen and have received complaints about residents not picking up after their pets. They can be a wonderful addition to any family, but along with pet ownership come responsibilities. Courtesy and respect are part of being a good neighbor. Abiding by leash laws and cleaning up your animal’s waste are a few simple courtesies you should provide for your pet and your neighbors. This will help in keeping our neighborhood safe and disease-free.

On a safety note, there will be some new safety signage moving around in SunBird. Please read the signs and adhere to the message they provide. If we all put a little effort into paying attention to the safety rules, SunBird will not only be a great place to live, but also be a safe place to live for all. This would include putting your cell phone down, whether driving your car or your golf cart.