Board of Directors Meeting Notes

The board of directors met for a regularly scheduled meeting on March 25, 2024. These are the notes from that meeting.

Board Members Present: Dan Buescher, Dirk Close, Nancy Eckstein, Dave Edington, Chuck Heitbrink, Bob Lama, Bob Morris, and Manager Layne Varney

Meeting was called to order by President Nancy Eckstein at 10 a.m.

The minutes of the Feb. 26, 2024, business meeting and executive session and the Feb. 27 audit meeting were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: Chuck Heitbrink

Neal Butler, after conducting the 2023 financial audit, provided an “unmodified opinion” at the annual meeting of SunBird’s financial reports and operations. This is the best report to receive after a financial audit. Once the final audit report is received, the year-end reports can be officially updated and closed.

Manager’s Report was given by Layne Varney.

Seven home sales during the month of January and 13 for February. 25 currently in escrow. First half assessment due Jan. 1. 104 notices were sent, 26 second notices, and 8 third notices just sent. Horizon Room has been very busy with daily business and with many large catering events. Preparing for the summer months with a lighter menu and reduced hours. Swimming pool heater replaced at the laundry room, still under warranty to be replaced again. Sewer lift station controls repaired, waxed shuffleboard courts, pool tile cleaned, clubhouse lights and all air filters changed. Due to high activity level, many set-ups, take-downs, and clean-ups multiple times daily. An Africanized beehive was discovered at the laundry pool. Notices were posted and the area blocked off. After a few days, the beehive moved away. Weed growth explosion. The landscape crew, weather permitting, has been treating weeds non-stop. Gopher battle continues. Hunt Highway gate barrier arm has been damaged several times by vehicles. Activities continue selling out or are reaching maximum capacity seating. Far Out Fest April 6.

Committee Liaison Reports:

Architectural Control Committee: Dirk reported weeds are in season and to check yards. Office has made several inspections and has sent over 100 letters or reminders to remove weeds.

Finance Committee: Chuck reported the committee has reviewed the draft auditor’s report with the auditor. They have also been reviewing SunBird’s director and officer insurance policies.

HOA/Golf Club Committee: Nancy reported the discussion was held concerning revisiting parking on Waterview Drive for carts and vehicles. Project Review Committee to be assigned to study and recommend.

Project Review Committee: New lights for clubhouse and post office parking lots has been studied. Additional clubhouse storage space was also reviewed.

Rules Compliance: Bob Morris reported the committee did not meet due to the annual meeting schedule.

Welcoming and Marketing Committee: Bob Lama reported the new owner survey is to be updated. Planning for the next new owners welcome meeting.

The ACC Committee requested approval of two new members: Chris Nechvatal and Colleen Fugimoto. Dirk made the motion to accept these two homeowners as members of the ACC. Motion passed unanimously 7/0.

The Planning Committee recommended approval of outdoor lighting around the clubhouse northside parking areas and post office to not exceed $2,500. After discussion, Dan made a motion to approve the request. Motion unanimously carried 7/0.

The Planning Committee recommended creating a storage area on the north side of the clubhouse. Dan made a motion to approve the request. Motion unanimously carried 7/0.

Nancy discussed the need to have routine reviews of SunBird governing documents. The by-laws are due for review, and she requested the assistance of Dave Edington and Bob Lama.

Nancy gave an update on the Superior Court lawsuit brought by a resident against SunBird, case number CV2023-05389. Our attorney has filed for a dismissal of the case. The hearing took place at the Superior Court on March 15.

Layne reviewed the homeowner comment sheets. Comments were made by homeowners and directors. The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m. The board went into executive session after a 10-minute break.

The next scheduled board of directors meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2024, at 10 a.m. in the ballroom.