Board meeting notes – April 2015

The Regular Board Business Meeting was held on Monday, February 23 and all Board members and the General Manager were in attendance. The meeting was brought to order at 6:00 p.m.

The minutes of the January 26 Business Meeting and the February 9 Agenda Planning Session were approved.

Gordon Lee, Board Treasurer, reported that the Board met with the auditor who gave SunBird a clean opinion and that the auditor will give a complete report at the March 2 annual Meeting.

The Manager’s Report was given by Layne Varney.

Administration: He stated that the liquor, music and entertainment, restaurant and swimming pool licenses have been renewed and updated. He also said that late notices for first half assessment billing have been sent out.

Food and Beverage: Sales and activity in the Horizon Room continue to greatly increase. Wednesday night Trivia is such a huge success with such a large attendance that it was moved to the Ballroom. The Sunday breakfast buffet and Thursday night dinner attendance has also increased. The Build Your Own Burger night on Mondays has seen increased attendance each week. We are advertising the daily specials on the neon day glow boards upstairs and downstairs and also using the website for better advertising of the menus. The e-mail newsletter is being used to advertise special events. You can sign up for the newsletter by going to and clicking on the chimp’s picture.

Clubhouse: The swimming pool plans were submitted to the City of Chandler and meetings have been held with the zoning department and both contractors for preliminary review. A fan was installed at the barbeque grill area on the patio to help divert smoke from the cooking area. A new inversion table was received and will be installed in the fitness room.

Common Areas: This has been a very active weed season and spot treatment for weeds in the common has been done. He asked residents to help keep SunBird looking good by keeping up with the weeds on their property.

The Board approved the following committee members for the coming year:

ACC Committee: Joan Bruening, Barb Davis, Jim Dolwick, Bob Namon, Fred Pilon, Hal Reimer, George Richardson and Pat McGonegle as Chairman.

Finance Committee: Ken James, Gil Knudtson, Joan Lemmons, Jim McCutcheon, Frank Nechvatal, Mel Terechnok, Gary Whistler, Don Calvert and Walt Mills as Chairman.

Going Green Committee: Treva Christenson, Scott Smith, Mary West and Karen Doster as Chairman.

Marketing Committee: John Brockish, Marsha Brockish, Toni Greisiger, Gary Metzger, Deanna Metzger, Margaret O’Brien, Helen Goheen and Ralph Goheen.

Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee: Shirley Clark, Jack Loy, Margaret McCathern, Dave Meyers, Jerry Seiler, Lee ‘Bing’ Solomon, Rich VanderVeen and Bill Hook as Chairman.

Rules & Regulations Compliance Committee: Marsha Brockish, Phyllis Brown, Toni Greisiger, Jack Loy, Frank Nechvatal, Ed Treglia, Carol Zittel and Christ Nechvatal as Chairman.

The Board agreed on their 2015 goals which are to improve communication with all SunBird residents and make effort to obtain e-mail addresses of residents who have email; to evaluate the SunBird Patrol and review the activity reporting procedures to include the results of the Patrol’s interventions; to work with the Golf Club for betterment of the community; to continue to evaluate what types of recreational activities homeowners will want over the next five years; to continue the support of the Horizon Room staff in their efforts to make this the best restaurant for SunBird; to encourage the community to exercise better public relations and good will toward each other; and to look at policies that may need to be revised after CC&R voting results are known.

The Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee requested and the Board approved the installation of seven new security cameras for the inside and outside of the Clubhouse and the upgrading of hard drive storage capacity for security.

The SunBird Golf Club requested a letter be inserted with the 2015 HOA second half billing in June asking for donations from residents for over seeding the course. The Board approved this request.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

The Board of Directors Planning Workshop Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 13 at 1:00 a.m. in the Ballroom. Board of Directors Business meeting is scheduled Monday, April 27 at 6:00 p.m. in the Ballroom.