Board meeting notes

The HOA Board met at 10:00 a.m. on September 26. All members were present (Jean Pritchard via telephone). Layne Varney was also in attendance.

Pat McGonegle reported that residents only need to trim their palm trees once a year if they wait until after the pods appear, thus saving money.

The Board approved and welcomed Robin Maynard as a new member to the ACC Committee.

Layne Varney explained the process that was followed in developing the 2017 budget. Department heads, Finance Committee members, and the Board all had input. He explained that the committee proposed a $40 increase in homeowner dues, bringing it to $920 per year, which is the lowest in the area. The budget will be voted on at the October 24 meeting.

Gordon Lee and Layne Varney explained that a SunBird food service policy was needed to keep SunBird in compliance with the Maricopa County Board of Health laws. Layne briefly reviewed the policy. Dee Brown-Knoeppel made a motion to approve the SunBird food service policy. Motion passed 7-0. The policy will be made available upon request to all residents and/or clubs.

A Contingency Fund was established at the March 28, 2016 Board meeting. Chuck Warren made a motion to accept the proposed policy for the Contingency Fund. The policy reads: The Board of Directors may establish a Contingency Fund which may be funded at the discretion of the Board. The Contingency Fund balance may roll over into the following year or can be used at any time for unforeseen expenses, short falls in operations, and/or transferred into the reserve, capital improvement or special project funds if approved by the Board of Directors. Fund not to exceed $150,000. Motion passed 7-0.

SunBird currently holds a Private Club License, Class 14 that allows on site sale and consumption of liquor to members and bona fide guests. A Restaurant License, Class 12 (purchase price $2,000 with yearly fees of $1,900) would allow SunBird to sell to non-residents, but mandates that the kitchen have a cook to provide food services while the bar is open. Additional annual labor costs would be approximately $25,000 per year, every year. A Bar License, Class 6 (purchase price $78,850 with yearly fees of $1,550) would allow SunBird to open sales to the public for consumption on site and sell closed containers to take outside). This license holds value. Jean Pritchard made the motion to purchase a Class 6 license when available. Motion passed 7-0.

The Finance Committee had recommended that a succession plan be developed. The purpose of the plan is to recognize and identify key employee positions and have in place a plan to fill vacancies. Layne developed a plan that was reviewed by the Board. This plan will be kept in the Homeowners’ safe in case the need arises. The development of this plan is one of the 2016 Board goals.

The Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee, after many hours of research, recommended that the construction of a new dog area not be constructed. Nancy Eckstein made a motion to accept the Committee’s recommendation to not construct a dog area. Motion passed 7-0.

Bill Hook, Chair of the Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee, presented two proposals: 1) a room addition on the third floor and an additional patio, and 2) remodeling of the Horizon Room kitchen. The committee recommended that the kitchen project be first with funds projected to be available by June 2017. Funding for these projects would come out of the Capital Improvement Fund. These proposed items will be voted on at the October 24 meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 p.m. by President Gordon Lee.

The next Agenda Planning meeting is Monday, November 14 at 10:00 a.m. and the Business Meeting on Monday, November 28 at 10:00 a.m. All meetings are scheduled to meet in the Ballroom.