Basic Bridge Bidding

Beth, Carol, Rose, and Chet

June, Frank, Toni, and Nan

With 14 or more points, I’m required to speak,

And mention a short suit that’s not very weak.

With five cards or longer, I need not be cute,

I merely will open with one in that suit.

But with four in a major, ah, that’s the rub

I know I must open, so I’ll just say ‘one club.’

With 16 to 18, one no trump will do,

And with 21 or more, I’ll open with two.

When opponents have opened, now I have trouble,

I’ve an opening bid and I say so by ‘double.’

The opponents have opened, my back’s to the wall

I have good points and length, so I must overcall.

My partner has opened, and I’m in a fix

Because I must pass with less points than six.

But, if my count is six points to ten,

I must respond once, but need not again.

Now, eleven or twelve points is pretty nice,

I will plan to respond, not once, but twice.

With thirteen or more points, I would be to blame

If I let the bid end before we reach game.

-Author Unknown