August 2015 financial report from the treasurer

Preliminary financial results for the eight months ending August 31 show Total Income more than budget by $9,600; $501,700 versus $492,100. Green Fees, Annuals and Punch Cards continue to be below budget for the period while Range Balls, Tournaments and Pro Shop Income all exceeded the budget. Expenses are unfavorable by $31,800; $508,300 against the budget of $476,500 in the areas of Cost of Goods, Golf Course Maintenance Expense and Overhead Expense. The result is a Net Loss of $6,600 versus the budgeted Net Income of $15,600 for an unfavorable variance of $22,200.

Compared to the same period last year total Income was $580,000 with Total Spending of $549,100 for Net Income of $30,900.