Art Club notice

Sharon Eade

What a summer we have all had, at least weather-wise. Seems the whole world saw lots of variety and hope all fared well. But now, here we are in September and the beginning of the snowbird return is upon us. Even though our club continues to come together on summer Thursday mornings to work on our art pieces, the numbers are small. But now each week we begin to reunite with members as we arrive and the joy of seeing each other coupled with the excitement of events to come this season makes for lots of excitement. If you are new to SunBird or have just been wanting to try your hand at art, we would like to invite you to come up on a Thursday morning from 9:00 a.m.-noon in the Hopi Room upstairs and see for yourself why we all are so happy to be together. There are no dues and we stay very informal with members working on items of their own choosing. So until then, safe journeys back and we’ll see you soon!