Art Club Classes Continue Through the Summer

Summer has arrived in SunBird, which brings a bit of a slowdown to activities. Our Art Club continues to meet on Thursday mornings, and though there are fewer of us, we still enjoy each other as we find new subjects and mediums to enjoy painting.

As we finished out our season, Irene Coatta shared her awesome wealth of knowledge as she conducted a class on Portraits. How fun to find our “live” models were our own Pete Gulatto and Emily Hardy. Irene led us through the techniques for creating proportions and effects to create a true likeness of the individuals, as well as how to use the different mediums to achieve our goals. What a wonderful opportunity for all of us, and the best result of all was painted in watercolor and pen by Sharl Byrd. She captured Pete so well that he purchased it from Sharl! Congratulations, Sharl, and a continued thank you to our wonderful members who are willing to step up and share their expertise by giving us such great instruction. Thank you, Irene, and congratulations to Sharl! And a thumbs up to Pete and Emily who allowed us to get up close and personal as we studied their faces, as they sat still for some long intervals. How great SunBird is to provide our residents with so many opportunities to learn new skills in so many different forms!