Annual meeting notes

The SunBird Annual Meeting was held on March 2 in the SunBird Ballroom. Board President Marlene Scartozzi called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Residents who had not yet voted on the proposed CC&R Amendments were reminded that they could vote during the meeting.

The 2015 Board of Directors were introduced. The minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting were accepted.

Joel Huber, CPA, gave the Auditor’s Report. He stated that he gave SunBird a clean opinion. Gordon Lee, Board Treasurer, reviewed the 2014 revenue and expenses for SunBird. He also explained how our $820 assessment is allocated.

The Committee Chairmen or Board Liaisons reported on what each committee accomplished during the past year. Marcia Hogan gave a history on how the CC&R Task Force came into being, how the various community members were involved, and thanked them all for their hard work.

Layne Varney, General Manager, gave a review of some of the projects and events that happened during 2014. He stated that many trees had to be removed in the common areas due to storm damage. He reminded everyone that during the September storm almost 6 inches of rain fell within six hours, prompting one resident to kayak on the second fairway. Some of the many improvements made were improved lighting at the front entrance of the Clubhouse, the completion of the Sunrise Court on the second floor and the updating website. He reported that home sales increased by 20 percent which says that SunBird continues to attract new owners. Julie Mathis was hired as the new restaurant manager. The food has improved significantly thanks to Octivo “Izzy” Duran, kitchen and assistant manager. Themed events have been scheduled including Trivia night and Burger night. With a better trained staff, more advertisement and consistent quality and attentive service, the last quarter of 2014 saw an increase in sales of almost 18 percent. Layne ended his report by thanking employees of SunBird who really care and work hard and to all the residents for their support and interest in making this community such a great place to live.

President Marlene Scartozzi thanked all the committees, the CC&R Task Force, the many clubs and everyone in SunBird for their enthusiasm and support during the past year.

The CC&R proposed revision voting results were announced; 816 yes votes were needed to pass. Term Limits – 1024 yes, 155 no; Purpose of Assessment – 799 yes, 330 no; Spending Limitations – 819 yes, 296 no; Contribution to Capital Improvement Fee – 903 yes, 218 no; Resale Disclosure Fee – 912 yes, 208 no; Golf Pro Shop Rent – 927 yes, 191 no; Voting on CC&R Amendments – 812 yes, 316 no; Clerical Changes – 1015 yes, – 113 no.

The meeting was adjourned  at 8:30 p.m.