American-Irish Club Recap

Mary Pilon, Publicity

On April 1, the Irish Club board members held their final meeting of this season. Because we were unable to have any meetings, parties, or trips for the entire year, the meeting was quite informative. The following topics were discussed:

The first meeting of the 2021-22 season will be held on Thursday, Oct. 7 (time and place to be announced later). It is very important that we know how many members will be attending this meeting, as it will cover many issues for the coming year. There will be an email sent out in September asking members to let us know if they are able to attend. Please reply to Stevie Simone by email or text, whether you will be attending the October meeting. Her email is [email protected], and her phone/text number is 206-914-6658.

The board made an executive decision to increase our dues to $20 per member in order to continue providing food at all meetings, and to cover other expenses as they occur.

Deanna Calvert resigned as president as of April 30. Dirk Close will remain treasurer until December. At the December meeting, we must vote on a new treasurer and president.

Please think about volunteering for officers, committee chairpersons, and various other duties. With the cooperation and interest of all members, our Irish Club will continue to be a fun activity for our members, as it has been over the past years.

So, please plan to attend the Oct. 7 meeting. Bring your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions and resume our fellowship.

Take care, God bless, and have a great summer. See you in October.