Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

Since we have had so many new homeowners in the last couple of years, the ACC Committee would like to reiterate that all outside work requires an approved ACC Permit. A permit can be obtained at the HOA office or at the website. When you get to the website, you will click on Documents, and from the drop-down menu, you would go to Forms. Please fill out the ACC Permit and submit it to the HOA office or email it to [email protected]. You must obtain that approval prior to commencing any outside home improvements.

The following are examples, although not all-inclusive, of specific improvements that require a permit:

Air conditioners

Awnings and sunscreens


Flags, pennants, and flagpoles


Golf ball screens


Landscaping additions, (removal of plants, trees, etc., does not require a permit)

Outdoor lighting

Painting exterior surfaces

Patio additions



Rain gutters

Roofing repair or replacement and/or coating



Trash enclosures

All of the improvements requiring a permit are covered in the ACC Guidelines. If you do not have this packet, one can be obtained from the HOA office along with the ACC permit applications. If you are uncertain whether or not a permit is required for a specific action, Bonnie in the HOA office can help you determine that. All permits must be submitted to the office for approval.