ACC guidelines on carport clutter

Bonnie Marcus, Community Administrator

It has been a hot, long, great summer and I’m looking forward to our winter residents returning. One thing I am not looking forward to is addressing the accumulated stuff in my garage. Luckily, I can close my garage door, but I really need to address the task of cleaning and organizing my clutter. As I drive around our community, I have noticed that I am not alone. Some of our carports have also been accumulating stuff. Please take a good look at your carport and ask yourself if you have been storing stuff in your carport that is against our ACC guidelines. The ACC guidelines states:

No scooters, bicycles, household items or household furniture can be stored on front patios, walkways or carports. All cleaning, garden, construction equipment cannot be stored outside if visible to adjacent neighbors and from surrounding streets.

I will begin to clean out my garage and patio. I am asking you to please look at your carports and patios and clean it up if necessary. Let’s keep SunBird looking great.

Thank you.